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Stepping Stones
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Post 16 Curriculum

 Autumn 2017

Post 16 Steve’s Class


First Half Term

Second Half Term

Mathematics (Resit GCSE)


Basic Number

Measures and Scale Drawing

Charts, Tables and Averages


Number Properties


Decimals and Fractions

Linear Graphs

Expressions and Formulae

Ratio, Speed and Proportion

Perimeter and Area


Mathematics (Functional Skills)

Whole Numbers and Decimals

Recording Data

Fractions, Decimals and Percentages


Understanding Data

Statistical Methods

English Language


Explorations in Creative Reading and Writing.




Develop confidence/skills in:

·         Reading extract from prose Lit text

·         Organization, Language, Structure

·         Focusing on openings, endings, narrative perspectives and points of view, narrative or descriptive passages, character, atmospheric descriptions and approaches.



Develop confidence/skills in:

·         Using a written prompt or visual image related to the topic of the reading text in Section A.

·         Producing own writing using, shaping, crafting a variety of language devices.




Fundamentals of algorithms – Examine algorithms and their relation to computational thinking. Devise algorithms for simple to complex procedures.

Programming – Introduction and development of Python programming skills, preparation for NEA (non-exam assessment) taken the following academic year.

Fundamentals of Data representation


Maintain a healthy diet, especially on a budget

Recognise common mental health issues.

Recognise mental health issues in others and be able to offer or find support for those experiencing difficulties with their mental health 

Work alongside those with mental health issues and know how (and when) to provide support.



Invasion Games


Students will develop on the skills previously learnt and will continue to develop technique. They will

·         look at working as a team to develop tactics to outwit their opposition.

·         look at various invasion games i.e. Football, Basketball, Netball

·         learn the key terminology and use correctly

use the correct skills and techniques needed to invade the opposition’s half


Students will lean –

-          How to build and maintain a healthy active lifestyle

-          The Musculo – Skeletal system

-          Injuries and Performance enhancing drugs

Psychology A level


·         The evolutionary explanation for partner preference

·         Factors affecting attraction in romantic relationships

·         Duck’s phase model of relationship breakdown

·         Virtual relationships in social media

·         Parasocial relationships


·         The physiological state of stress

·         The role of stress in illness

·         Sources of stress

·         Physiological measures of stress



Freestyle, backstroke and front crawl



body position and rotation



BTEC Art and Design

 Painting Colour Theory- 

·         Introduction to the colour theory, tones and tints, through the practical application of mixing colour and tone. Mixing and using colours, tones, tints, shades from the primary, secondary, tertiary and complementary colours. Experimenting with texture creating a collage colour wheels and creating a large repeat patterned art piece using the 12 colours of the colour wheel. Investigating formal elements, investigating line, tone, shape as well as colour.


Drawing Observation –

Introduction to the different formal elements and a wide range of materials, techniques and mark-making processes used in the creation of art. Learners will undergo a practical exercise centred around observational drawing of natural and manmade forms and of geometric shapes.

BTEC Digital Media

Unit 1 – Digital Media Sectors and Audiences

Analogue and Digital Products

Media Sectors

Media Products and Processes

Digital Media Platforms and Devices

Multimedia Technology and Consumption

Unit 2 – Planning and Pitching a Digital Media Product

Digital Media Products

Media Product Pitch Brief

Generating Pitch Ideas

Planning a Pitch

Pitch Formats and Communication

BTEC Music


Unit 1 Music Industry. Understand different types of organisations that make up the music industry and understanding job roles in the music industry.


Unit 4 Introducing Music Composition: Exploring creative stimuli to meet a brief. Develop, extend and shape music for performances and present compositions appropriately.


Unit 5 Introducing Music Performance: developing music performance skills and reviewing practice. Learning to use music performance skills within rehearsal and performance.

BTEC Sport

Unit One

Students will learn –

-          Principles of training

-          Different types of training

-          Fitness tests

Components of skill and health related fitness

BTEC Cooking

First half term

Breakfast items including a focus on eggs.

Health and safety in the Kitchen.

Different types of fruit.

Types of bacon and how it is produced.

Second half term

Lunch time recipes:


Baked potatoes

Soup etc.

BTEC Work Skills

Numeracy Skills

Numeracy Skills

Unit 26

Students will learn to create tailored and functional CV’s and covering letter’s that are well presented, accurate and appropriate for the job application. They will:

·         understand the purpose for a CV and cover letter, how to research and gather relevant information that should be included in them.

·         know the importance of references.

·         focus on writing personal statements and key skills that are relevant and matched to specific employers’ vacancies to give them the best possible chances of composing appropriate documents as a selling tool to potential employers.