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Data & Results

Attendance Data

As a school we enrol many students who have been school refusers in the past and the rapid increase in school attendance is outstanding for these individuals and is reflected in our overall data:





Average no. of students




Average school attendance




Exam Results

GCSE Passes

The following are the GCSE exam results over time; the number of exams taken fluctuates in a small school with the number of students in that year. 


2015 2016 2017

No. of exams

25 8 9

% A-C

58% 38% 56%

You can compare data with other local schools through the DfE website comparison here.

In 2017 other exam passes were:

Level 1 Passes

BTEC Work Skills - 1 Passes

Functional Skills Passes

FS ICT Level 1 - 6 passes

FS Maths Level 1 - 1 Pass

Entry Level Passes

English Entry Level 1 - 2 Passes

English Entry Level 2 - 2 Passes

Maths Entry Level 1 - 1 Pass

Maths Entry Level 2 - 1 Pass

Maths Entry Level 3 - 1 Pass

 Alumni Data

Our alumni have moved successfully on to a range of destinations in both work and further education.  Not only, we also encourage those that are able during their school career to move back into a mainstream educational setting.

In 2017 our 2 leavers moved on to Chichester College.

In the past 5 years alumni have moved to study at colleges in Alton, Basingstoke, Farnham, Guildford and Godalming.   A couple have moved onto University.

We are also aware that many have and will look increasingly to alternative pathways into the workplace, including apprenticeships and internships.  It is for this reason that we opened in 2016 our Post 16 provision.